• Location: Berlin
  • Type: Permanent
  • Job #514

Do you want to become part of brilliant team that creates software that streamlines the creation of business presentations and helps their clients communicate their ideas more effectively?

Think-cell is a software company that specialises in the creation of charting software. They are based in Berlin, Germany, and have been serving more than 950,000 clients like American Express, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Google, Porsche Consulting, etc. all over the world since 2002 and now have over 100 employees from almost 20 countries.
The client is the only German company funding a C++ ISO committee delegation, so there is a good chance that components they invent will find their way into the standard.

What will you be doing?

think-cell distinguishes itself from other Microsoft Office add-ins by having an intuitive user interface, smart algorithms that automate many tasks and, not least, a deep integration into its Office host application. To achieve this deep integration, they use the public APIs offered by Office and Windows whenever possible, but unfortunately, these do not let them do everything they want to do. So they add their own customisation hooks into the Office and Windows binaries. When think-cell loads, it finds the code locations and installs its hooks.
Instead of using fixed addresses, they find code locations using machine code patterns to be robust against minor changes. If an update to Office or Windows still breaks some of the patterns, think-cell will automatically download and install any available version with updated patterns.
Finding ways to achieve a desired customization is a truly zen-like activity. It requires deep analytical skills, the ability to juggle vast amounts of information in the head and quickly separate promising from less promising approaches.

To be successful in this role you need:

  • experience with binary code and malware analysis,

  • experience with IDA or similar disassembler tools,

  • experience with finding security vulnerabilities,

  • to understand data structures and algorithms involving dozens of functions all from nothing but binary,

  • be fluent in either English or German.

For whom would this opportunity be the best fit?

  • A creative, innovative and smart developer.

  • A great problem-solver, full of fresh ideas and approaches.

  • Both a developer with 15+ years of commercial experience in various fields, as well as a fresh graduate in Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics.

What is the client offering you?

  • Full-time opportunity.

  • A wide array of extremely challenging development tasks.

  • An international team of brilliant minds.

  • A working environment that makes the team stay and grow.

  • Enough time to make sure that every detail of the developed solution is perfect.

  • A flat organisation and plenty of room for your ideas.

  • All management (the two co-founders) are computer science PhDs, so no demands from people who do not understand the trade.

  • No scheduled meetings.

  • Family-friendly working hours, no deadlines, no overtime.

  • Relocation to Berlin:

    • Relocation is supported by the client to their best efforts and abilities.

    • EU citizens have no restrictions on their work permit.

    • Non-EU citizens must have a technical degree from a university (starting from Bachelor) so the work permit can be sponsored.

Location: On-site in Berlin office. 
We are accepting applications until the vacancy is filled.