Finding the Perfect Fit:
Senior iOS Developer For GlobaliD


The hiring process for GlobaliD's Senior iOS Developer post was a spectacular success. Even though it was difficult to identify qualified applicants locally, ITClass's proactive strategy of using numerous channels and directly contacting possible candidates abroad produced positive results. Two skilled iOS developers with over seven years of combined experience in iOS programming and proficiency in Swift, Objective-C, RestAPI, Agile, and Scrum methodologies were hired.

A technological startup called GlobaliD focuses on offering solutions for digital identities. Their platform provides businesses and organisations with fast identity verification services that are safe, simple, and reliable. GlobaliD seeks to increase security and trust in the online environment with a focus on privacy and data protection.

The development team of ITClass's client in Slovenia and the United States was looking for a Senior iOS Developer to join them. This crucial job entailed creating a trustworthy platform of security that enables users to integrate their digital identities for communication and payment execution. The ideal candidate for the position of iOS developer needed to have at least three years of expertise using Swift to create complicated applications. Additionally, they needed to be familiar with UIKit and how it ties to SwiftUI, as well as have expertise creating testable, maintainable MVVM code bases. Experience with reactive programming using RxSwift or Combine, mastery of dependency management, unit testing, continuous integration, modular applications, and a solid grasp of iOS mobile architectures, REST APIs, and design patterns were further benefits. This was a fantastic chance for a developer committed to writing high-quality code that is in line with the overall service design and who is excited about Web 3.0 technologies.

The recruitment team at ITClass encountered significant challenges while hiring for the Senior iOS Developer position. Securing iOS developers with the required skillset and knowledge, especially those interested in crypto and WEB 3.0, proved to be scarce in Slovenia. Consequently, the search had to be expanded internationally, with a primary focus on candidates from the Balkan region to find the right fit for the role.

The team at ITClass took a proactive stance to address the recruitment problems and draw in qualified individuals. They directly contacted possible candidates via email and advertised the offer through a variety of channels, professional networks, and social media sites.

ITClass established a strict candidate evaluation system to speed up the hiring process and find top talent. This required thorough resume evaluations and in-depth interviews with shortlisted applicants to evaluate their level of technical knowledge, past exposure to the creation of iOS applications, and cultural fit with the team. Only the most qualified candidates who met the specifications for the job vacancy would be chosen and moved forward in the selection process thanks to this methodical approach.

Two experienced candidates were hired by GlobaliD for the Senior iOS Developer post after a thorough screening and evaluation procedure. The candidates had previously worked on a number of big projects and had over seven years of experience in iOS programming. They were a perfect fit for the job thanks to their knowledge of Swift, Objective-C, RestAPI, Agile, and Scrum processes.

The chosen candidates had contributed significantly to the creation of ground-breaking features for GlobaliD's iOS application and even assisted with its architecture since joining the company. They have contributed to the successful launch of various internal projects, earning praise inside the organisation for their technical talents and dedication.

The candidates' feedback on their new employment and team experience has been overwhelmingly positive. They find the project challenging and exciting, enjoying the friendly and supportive team atmosphere. The recent team gathering in Ljubljana further strengthened their bond, and they express enthusiasm for upcoming challenges.

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